The wrong way to set up an email signature

There are correct ways, and incorrect ways, to set up an email signature. Here’s an example I just got in an email from a coworker:

Blah Blah Blah

Nickname of emailer, like we care

Name of emailer in some frilly font, larger than everything like they’re proud they can spell their name
Job title, usually in a new font and different size

Company logo
Company name, llc
Company street address
City, state, zip code

Phone: 555-867-5309
Fax: 555-867-5310

Email address as a hyperlink, yes seriously we’re too dumb to look in the From section of the email

Stupid environmental line about thinking before printing

Seriously, for an email with one actual line in the body, we’ve got 17 lines of bs, all of it redundant.

First, I don’t care about your nickname. Stop adding it to emails, no one cares. Second, unless you are emailing a client or someone outside your company, you don’t need to include the company’s logo and mailing address. Third, you just send me an email, from your email address, why are you including it in your signature? Do you think I’m slow? Forth, those environmental line some off as self-righteous. If I want to print something, I’m damn well going to print it.

If you contact clients and extra-company people on a regular basis, then create a separate signature that has the relevant company logo and such, and then in those special cases use that signature instead of the streamline inter-company signature.

Also, your signature should be the same font as your email default. Things get wonky when they aren’t. You don’t need any fancy colors, or fonts, or backgrounds, or anything else that’s annoying. Just add the basic information, and let that be it.

Oh, and heaven forbid if you have signatures set to automatically add every time you reply to an email…

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Why I am going back to school

A few months back, my very lovely girlfriend convinced [or rather, tricked ;-)] me into going to Scholarship Day at Columbia College, and to attend I had to apply to the college and get accepted. This event snowballed into me registering for classes and basically making big life decisions that I had been avoiding for the better part of 3 years.

First and foremost, I want to say that I am very thankful for everything I have been provided thus far. I want to thank Linn State for the education I received. I want to thank those that helped me make it through college. I have to give great thanks to Ed Martin, he’s been a major influence in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may work for him, but as far as I am concerned he’s family.

I also want to thank ABC Labs for giving me the opportunity to work for them. I have learned so much from them, career-wise and personally. They gave me a place to grow, and without that I don’t know where I’d be. However, I believe that it’s past my time with the company. I’ve outgrown the opportunities they have for me, and I need to move on.

And that’s how we come back to me going to college. While I’m thankful for everything that I learned at Linn, I would say that my education in Computer Programming was rather incomplete. I got enough to get me along for a while, but if I want to further my career, I need to know more advanced stuff than what I was taught. I believe that Columbia College is the best choice in that regard. I know that almost every professor tries to up sale their department, but talking to Dr. Liow really gave me the information and confidence in the program that I needed.

My plan is to live on campus, at least the first year. Yes, that means moving, moving from a city that I’ve live in pretty much my whole life (St. Martins uses a JC mailing address, so it really doesn’t count). This terrifies me, but in the end this helps me not have to worry about having several different bills to pay while attending college, and worrying about gas to get to and from campus. It also allows me to be more active on campus than if I lived off-campus. I still have to pay some money out of pocket, but I believe that it’s doable.

The hardest part is that all of my friends will still be in Jeff, and I’m not exactly the best about reaching out and contacting my friends. I plan on doing my best to stay in contact with everyone, but I’m already failing at that while living in the same town.

Will the whole ordeal tough? Yes, of course. But what in life is worth doing that isn’t tough to some extent?

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June 3rd – July 14th Challenge Goals

The previous challenge was a bit of a wash, but I didn’t get my sleeping schedule mostly straightened out. Focusing on the new goals for this challenge.

I’ve got a lot of things to do, and that includes moving my body and getting ready for the big move in August. I’m going back to school full time in August and I need to get my stuff straightened out.

Diet: Eat at least three salads a week

My diet habits have been slipping a bit. I need to reinforce the good habits, so at least three salads a week shall be eaten.

Fitness: Move! 3x a week either Rebel Fitness Guide lvl 1 or an hour of bike riding.

I haven’t been getting the exercise I should be, so to mix things up I have the option of doing the lvl 1 workout or going for a bike ride.

Life: Do all of the things

My list of things to do is getting rather long. Write them all down and complete at least 3 a week.

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Introducing my new page

I have created a new page for my blog: References and Resources.

I decided to create this page because I believe that these are resources that everyone should at least consider taking a look at.

If you take a gander at any of these, let me know what you think.

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Experimenting with using a safety razor

So a week ago I bought a safety razor, a box of razors, and a shaving kit. I bought this to try this method of shaving in comparison with using cartridges. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, and I’ve gotten mixed results. I think it’s just because of how unused to it I am. Will stick it out for a bit longer and see how it turns out.

One of the major benefits is cost. A box of 100 razors costs around $10. That’s 100 shaves for $10. Cartridge razors cost A LOT more than that and you don’t get nearly the use out of them.

Another benefit (that I personally haven’t seen yet) is that it’s a better shave and doesn’t irritate the skin like the cartridges.

I was inspired to do this by this article:

For those men out there, how do you shave? How do you like it?

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Journalism… you’re doing it wrong

I’m starting to develop a pet peeve when it comes to reading articles online, specifically ones from major news outlets. That pet peeve is the sudden drop-off of an article. As of late, I’ll be chugging along in an article, read an interesting fact, and then… nothing. It’s like the author just stopped. No closure, no wrap up of any sort, nothing. You just get left hanging with questions or the author’s half-formed thoughts.

Why? If it’s a blog, I understand. Usually they aren’t as formal as a major news outlet, and their writing isn’t expected to be up to snuff, I get it. But when I’m reading an article by someone that’s supposed to be in the know, and it just ends, I’m baffled. How did this get approved to be published? Is this becoming the standard, to list half-facts with no conclusions and leave the reader wondering? Or is it lowered standards with the push to generate more content, even if it’s half-assed? I just don’t get it.

So for those of you that read this (there’s oh so many of you), what things in news articles bug you? Is it a recent development, or something that’s been around for a long time?

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50 pound mark achieved

This morning I weighed in at 385.4 lbs. That means that I have lost a total of 50 pounds. I am quite happy with that, and looking forward to the next 50.

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