Writing exercize 1

From writers.stackexchange.com.  The idea was to write a couple of paragraps with no dialogue that contained the words tulip, spangled,  and a rusty nail.  Here’s my attempt:

There sat a tulip in a small brown vase spangled with gold sticky stars, held in place on a dilapidated window sill with a rusty old nail, bent to keep it from sliding off.  It was obvious that the little girl cared for the tulip.  I can picture her in my mind, watering it, singing to it, possibly talking with it as if it were her best friend.  Not a care in the world besides her best buddy.

 But now she’s gone, because of me, because of my stupid actions that I took to bring down this entire system.  If I had just listened to my superiors… she might still be here, waiting for me to rescue her.  But instead, those bastards took her and slaughtered her, to tell me to back off before more blood was on my hands.

I don’t know what to do now.

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