writing exercise two

A dialogue between two people, includes pants and tacos.

David asked “Hey, have you tried the new dorritos tacos at taco bell?” 

Bob replied, “No man, I don’t eat taco bell anymore, ever since that… incident.” 

David, confused, asked “What incident?  I don’t remember you telling me about an incident at taco bell.” 

Bob, flushed with embarrassment, stated “I didn’t tell you?  I’m not surprised, it was pretty embarrassing.”

David prodded “Oh?  What happened?” 

Bob, reluctant to go into detail, said “Well, you know those beef burritos that I like?  Well, me and Brandy ate dinner at taco bell one night.  I was super hungry and got three burritos.  I was also in a spice mood so I got the super hotsauce.  Needless to say I devoured them.”  Bob stopped, thinking how to frame the next part of the story.  “After taco bell we went to lookout point, and we started making out.  After a little bit I got a grumble in my stomach, and I ignored it.  A little later it happened again.”  Bob paused for a moment, while David started to put the pieces together.  “I finally told Brandy to hold on a minute.  I got out of the car to pass gas without knocking Brandy out… and… it happened.”

David exclaimed “Oh man!  You did that in your pants, while mid-makeout session with Brandy?  Oh god, no wonder you’re so embarrassed.” 

 “Thanks David.  Can you promise to not tell anyone else about this?” Bob asked meekly. 

“Yes Bob, I promise I won’t tell anyone what happened.”

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