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Fitness: My road so far

I haven’t actually blogged about my fitness attempts before, so I thought I’d start with some background on what I’ve done so far, and where I’m going. Back in March, Denis Gobo posted a link to a blog post on … Continue reading

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New LTD Blog: Surrogate Keys Bite Back

I’ve posted a new blog on LessThanDot, titled “Surrogate Keys Bite Back.”  You can read it here.  This blog came up while I was strolling through a database left behind my a previous coworker.  This coworker is well known in … Continue reading

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Odd neighbor exercise

Scene 1: Write a scene where a couple is eating dinner at home and talking about a neighbor’s weird posessions. Bill walks into the kitchen. “Hi hon, I’m home. Something smells good, what did you make?” Loren sets the last … Continue reading

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