Odd neighbor exercise

Scene 1: Write a scene where a couple is eating dinner at home and talking about a neighbor’s weird posessions.

Bill walks into the kitchen. “Hi hon, I’m home. Something smells good, what did you make?”

Loren sets the last plate on the table. “I made fried pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy, and, your favorite, pan fried apples.”

Bill exclaims “Oooh, pan fried apples, you haven’t made those for me in forever.”

Loren “I know, I wanted to switch things up and figured that it would make you happy.”

“Well, thank you!” Bob sits down and helps himself. “Did you see that we’ve got new neighbors moving in next door? Looks like a younger couple.”

Loren “Yup, I did notice. Did you catch a glimpse of some of their stuff?”

Bill “No, I didn’t.”

Loren “Oh.”

Bill “What do you mean, oh?”

Loren “Well, it’s just that…”

Bill “Just what?”

Loren “Well, they had some things; I really don’t wish to discuss it.”

Bill “Why, what did you see?”

Loren “I said I don’t want to talk about it. Now, eat before it gets cold.”

Scene 2: Write a second scene in which the couple and the new neighbors interact at a social gathering of some sort.

Gary “Hey Bill, how do you like your burgers?”

Bill “Medium.”

Gary “Well then you’re going to be waiting. The last batch was a bit… crunchy.”

Bill “That’s fine, just don’t mess this batch up.”

Gary “Yeah, we’ll see.”

Bill walks away from Gary and walks towards Loren. “Did you see who’s here?”

Loren “Yeah, I saw them. They got here about 20 minutes ago.”

Bill “Avoiding them, are we?”

Loren glares at Bill.

Bill “Really? For crying out loud, what did you see?”

Loren “Something that should be kept private. I just can’t believe that they moved it without covering it up. I mean, everyone knows about the neighborhood, but you can at least have some common decency and be discreet.”

Bill “I still don’t get what you’re talking about.”

Loren “Well then, you can ask them.”

Loren grabs Bill and starts dragging him towards one of their new neighbors.

Loren “Hi! My name’s Loren. Me and Bill saw you moving in next door to us! Welcome to the community picnic. I take it the move is going well? By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”

Alex “Well hi! My name’s Alex. Nice to finally meet you! Yes, the move is going well. Aaron and I have gotten everything moved and we’re getting settled pretty well, thank you.”

Loren “Well it’s nice to meet you. Bill here has been wanting to ask you something.”

Loren backs up, giving Bill some space to leave him with Alex.

Bill “Umm…. Have you noticed any gophers? I found a couple in my yard and I know how fast they can tear it up.”

Alex “No, we haven’t noticed any gophers. We’ll keep a look out though, thanks!”

Gary “Hey Bill, your burger’s ready!”

Bill “Okay! It was nice to meet you Alex.”


Scene 3: End it with a twist!

Loren and Bill lie awake in bed.

Loren “After you ran off to get your burger I talked with Alex for a bit. He seems really nice.”

Bill “That’s good. Did you find out what they do?”

Loren “They’re both programming consultants, believe it or not. They have their own company and contract out to different companies to consult and help them with whatever programming needs they have.”

Bill “Heh, I bet that pays pretty good. That’s probably how they paid for whatever it is you saw and won’t tell me.”

Loren “You’re really not going to give this up until I tell you, are you?”

Bill “Nope.”

Loren “Fine. It was a sex machine. One that you sit on and it… you know… does things.”

Bill “Oh wow! Yeah, no wonder you were too embarrassed about it. If anyone else saw it it’ll be the talk of the community for a bit, you know how gossipy gay men can be.”

Loren “Especially a lot of the ones around here.”

Bill “Heh. Well, now that my curiosity is satiated, I’m tired. Have a good night hon.”

Loren “You too.”

Bill kisses Loren on the cheek and rolls over to go to sleep.

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