Current weight lifting goals

The other day I decided that, for my weight lifting, I had to have something to shoot for in the long run, to help keep me motivated to keep going back to the gym.  So far I‘m doing pretty good, the only reason I’ve missed any work outs was because of a pulled muscle or because the Y closed earlier than I thought it would….

Anyway, my goals, in no particular order:


#1 – Total Weight >= Body Weight (1x)

There are a total of 5 lifts I’m doing: squat, bench press, overhead shoulder press, bent over row, and deadlift.  For this goal I want the total weight for all 5 lifts to meet or exceed my body weight (currently 430 lbs).  This total is currently sitting at 385, so I’m getting pretty close to this goal.

#2 – Break 150lbs on a lift

To make this goal I have to complete a full 5×5 on a lift for 150lbs or more.  The dead lift will probably be the one I do this on.

#3 – Break 200 on a lift

This is an important goal, because as stated in the Strong Lifts guide 200 is usually where most guys end up switching from 5×5 to 3×5.  This is a good milestone to know that I’m progressing well.

#4 – Single lift >= .5x my body weight

This is an interesting goal to achieve.  A lot of the time people throw around the metric “blah times his body weight” to compare how much the person lifts.  One half of my current body weight is 215lbs,   as I lose weight this goal will of course adjust.

#5 – Total weight >= 2x my body weight

This is the next step after goal #1.  Lifting a total of 2x my body weight would put me at an average of 172lbs per lift.



As I continue I will probably come up with other goals that I want to achieve.  For those that are reading this, what are your fitness goals?

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