Another writing exercise

Microfiction (up to 600 words). Prompt: She did her best, but she was young

She did her best, but she was young and naïve, and new to the henching world. She started like they all do, committing small crimes here and there, sometimes getting caught. She then took a step up and got a bit job as a henchwoman for Billy the Blob. She mostly just helped strong arm some of the competition. She managed to get noticed though when she ended up blowing up the police precinct in order to let Billy escape after he was caught during a botched job. She invariably was caught, but Santos the Sadistic took notice of her and ambushed the police caravan while she was being transported to court. Not knowing what to do and having nowhere to go, she joined Santos’ crew.

She immediately regretted ever having any association with him. At first she thought that his name was just a gimmick, but she quickly found out that it applied to him all too well. On a job that she managed not to be a part of, Santos had removed the front teeth of his crew that helped with a robbery because $40 from the heist went missing. He then took the teeth, put them on string, and made his crew wear them as a reminder to never steal from him or the other crew members.

After a couple of years and a lot of bad memories, she finally seized a moment to get away from Santos. The plan was to kidnap the kid of some rich parents, ship the kid to South America, and hold the kid for ransom. She provided an anonymous tip to the police, and during the preparation stage managed to slip away from the group just minutes before the police arrived and arrested everyone.

Knowing that Santo would be after her should he ever escape prison, she had major reconstructive surgery done through the black market. Unfortunately since it was the black market the operation wasn’t a 100% success and she ended up with a scar horizontally across her face.

She eventually ran out of the money that she had saved up, and found another crew. This crew was run by Sally Stitches, and the group was called the Doll Faces. They were named this because they did their acts of crime wearing masks that look like dolls, and the entire crew was women.

The Doll Faces were mostly into cat burglary. Mainly stealing from jewelry stores and high profile chain stores during the night when no one else was around. Things were looking up for her, but that sadly didn’t last long. A few of months after she joined the group was hired to steal a high profile diamond from a museum. Since this was their first high profile job Sally hired a professional thief to help them with the caper. He helped them scope out the place and make all of the plans, even the get-away and contingency plans for if and when things go bad.

During the planning the two started to have feelings for each other. He talked about taking her away from the life of crime and living in eternal paradise, even possibly getting married and having kids. However, they never got the opportunity to escape. Santos and his men escaped from prison and learned of her whereabouts. Instead of a direct confrontation, Santos learned about their job, and implanted explosives in the building. When the Doll Faces went to disable the alarm they triggered the bomb, destroying the building. After the explosion she lay there under rubble, unable to reach the thief one last time.

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