The Day the Pigs Flew

This blog post is a writing exercise from Visit the Writers chat room every Tuesday for new writing exercises. This week’s exercise: ten minutes to write about the topic “the day the pigs flew”.

Oh man, I’ll never forget that day. Anyone alive won’t forget that day, unless they were a baby or something. Everyone had heard the phrase “when pigs fly”, but who were we to know that it’d actually happen? Or worse, how were we supposed to know it’d be the feral bores out in the wilds that figured it out? I sure as heck didn’t, and I don’t think the government did either because it seemed like they were caught with their pants down as well.

So, anyway, that first day is known as “The Day the Pigs Flew,” or Pig Day for short. It was… horrifying. This massive swarm came out of nowhere, blanketing Frakenville in shadow. Everyone was just standing there, mesmerized by this odd spectacle of life. And then they started to land, and the carnage began. The pigs were attacking people, trying to eat anything in their path. No one was safe, and the pigs used their massive weight and hard skulls to crash through glass, making more stores unsafe. A few quick thinkers locked themselves in the city bank, others tried climbing high, but were pretty quickly taken out because, well, they flew!

The first hour was the bloodiest. Luckily there are a lot of hunters in the area and they started putting up a fight. The blasted things didn’t fall too easily though, what with their extremely dense muscles and skeleton. They were like trying to stop the Hulk, almost impossible. Someone with their head on must have gotten a call out because after a couple of hours the military showed up. They rescued trapped civilians while fighting off the pig horde. A couple of soldiers were lost when they were cornered by some of the larger pigs.

Apparently Frakenville was just the first in a line of many towns and cities attacked. As far as we can figure out a large horde of bores came across some spilled nuclear waste and mutated, spreading the mutated genes through their fastly reproducing horde.

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