Second weight lifting goal met

I achieved my second weight lifting goal on Saturday: break 150 lbs on a single lift. On Saturday I did 155 on my deadlifts, which felt pretty awesome.

Lift stats as of 9/24/12:
Squat: 115
Bench: 80
OHP: 75
BO Row: 100
Deadlift: 155
Total: 525

The next goal that I should meet is achieving a total weight >= 1.5x my body weight (645 lbs.). My current total is 525 lbs. and it should be 560 by the end of this week, so this should be met in roughly two weeks after this week (mid-October). Another goal that I should meet around that time is breaking 200 lbs. on a single lift. If I continue my progression on my deadlift it should happen in mid-October.

Other stuff

I have finally joined another Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge. My challenge thread is here.

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