Another goal met, new goals, and challenge wrap up

Achieved a lift of >=.5x my body weight. This was done with my deadlift on October 27th.

Current lifts-
Squat: 190
Bench: 115
OHP: 105
BO Row: 105
Deadlift: 235

Also adding new goals:
Single lift >=.75x bw
Single lift >=1.25x bw
Total weight >=2.5x bw

The latest Nerd fitness challenge is wrapping up. Here’s how I scored myself:

Try intermittent fasting- The idea behind this was to try something different, to break out of my current habits. While I didn’t do this every week, I did find that I’m not always hungry in the morning, so I’ve started listening to myself to know when I’m actually hungry rather than always just eating. I am giving myself a B. My awarded attribute points are: +3 con and +.75 wis

Continue stronglifts- Save for skipping one to go on an awesome trip with my girlfriend and missing one from being sick, I stuck to the plan. I didn’t make up any excuses not to go, which ultimately was what I was trying to avoid. I’m giving myself an A. My awarded attribute points are: +3 str, +1 sta, and +1 con.

Finish my short story- I got a little worked on this, but not a lot. I just couldn’t get myself to work on it. I’m giving myself an F, with no awarded attribute points.

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