Levels, another goal down, and stuff

I’m going to start tracking levels with my goals. For every 5 goals I complete I’ll ding! And go up a level. AS always you start at level 1. Since I have 6 goals completed I am now level 2 (I’ll add this to the life goals page).

Also, I completely missed the fact that I achieved another goal almost two weeks ago. That goal being “total weight >-2x bodyweight”. I’ll update the list to reflect this achievement.

Currently I have not consumed a soda since 2012-12-5. If I can make it to 2013-1-2 (4 weeks) without backsliding, I will mark off “stop drinking soda”.

Oh, and an update on my body weight. I last weighed 424 pounds. That’s 9 pounds less than my highest in the last 4 months. Another 4 pounds and I get to mark off yet another goal. Level 3, I’m looking at you.

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