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My attitude towards food

One of the biggest hurdles that I think I have overcome in the last few weeks is changing my attitude towards food. Before, I never really thought a lot about what I was putting in my mouth. Even when I … Continue reading

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What not eating white flour does for you

White flour is an interesting thing. It’s in quite a lot of our food now, probably because it’s so cheap and easy to make. There are numerous health benefits from either not eating it, or greatly reducing the amount that … Continue reading

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There are no failures, only learning pains

A few months back, I attempted a challenge on Nerd Fitness. I was using it to push my boundaries. As part of the challenge I was using Tim Ferris’ book The 4 Hour Chef to teach myself how to cook. … Continue reading

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Someone receiving a letter

Writing exercise from 10 minutes to write about someone receiving a letter She walked outside to get her mail. It was a hot, sticky, summer day in the heart of Missouri. She glared up at the sky, as if … Continue reading

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How I’m going about making life changes

I think I’ve finally cracked how to get myself to make the important life changes that need to happen to get myself into a better state of being. I crafted it back when I quit soda the second time, and … Continue reading

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