How I’m going about making life changes

I think I’ve finally cracked how to get myself to make the important life changes that need to happen to get myself into a better state of being. I crafted it back when I quit soda the second time, and I’m currently using the same progress for quitting bread (and eating more veggies). There’s two parts to the plan: the reminders and the schedule.

The Reminders

For the last two major goals that I’ve strived towards achieving, I put up reminders of my goal. These reminds re quick and to the point. I have one at my work desk, in my car, and on my headboard at home. These are all of the places where I tend to spend the majority of my time. Having those there, reading them, even saying them out loud, helps enforce the goal in my brain. With these reminds it’s almost impossible for me to “forget” and slip on my goal. At this point it takes an intentional act to go against my goal.

The Schedule

Creating the schedule and tracking consist of most of the work to achieving the goal. Usually the schedule lasts for about 6 weeks. The first week is the baseline week, I don’t change any of my habits, but I track what I’m doing that I want to correct. For instance, for my soda goal I tracked how many ounces of soda I was drinking a day. For my bread goal I counted how many meals had bread or bread-like substances.

After getting a baseline, I set a goal for the next few weeks, with the last week or two being 0 if I’m trying to stop something. Usually the progression is something like this:

Week 1: baseline
Week 2: 10% reduction
Week 3: 25% reduction
Week 4: 50% reduction
Week 5: 75% reduction
Week 6: 100% reduction

For my bread goal, my progression went like this:
Week 1: 16 meals (baseline)
Week 2: 14 meals
Week 3: 12 meals
Week 4: 8 meals
Week 5: 4 meals
Week 6: 0 meals
Week 7: 0 meals
Week 8: 0 meals

Current status

I’m currently on week 7 for my bread goal and going strong. I’ve been adding more vegetables to my diet, and cooking my own food more often.

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  1. Keep up the good work!

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