Someone receiving a letter

Writing exercise from 10 minutes to write about someone receiving a letter

She walked outside to get her mail. It was a hot, sticky, summer day in the heart of Missouri. She glared up at the sky, as if to threaten the sun into submission. The sun paid her no mind. After her staring contest she continued walking down her sidewalk to her mailbox. She opened up the box and reached in and grabbed her mail. There was quite a bit today. She shut the lid and proceeded to walk back into her house, flipping through the mail to see what she got. About half way through the stack she noticed an envelope with handwriting on it. It was from her dad.

She pulled the envelope out from the stack and threw the rest of the mail on the kitchen table. She moved to the living room and sat on her couch as she tore open the envelope. Inside was a handwritten letter from her dad. Her day was in his 80’s. He had never used a computer and when she offered to buy him one he threatened to throw stuff at her if she did. He has a tough time hearing so their primary way of communicating was through letters to each other.

She sat and read through the letter. Her father had been in an old folk’s home for a few years now, he seemed to enjoy it. He always wrote about his friends and the games that they would play. Her father was a keen strategist when it came to chess, his most favorite game. In the letter he detailed what his routine has been like and the perverted jokes his friends shared with him.

The last part of the letter was different though. The writing style changed, it was harder to read and sloppier than the rest. It detailed that he had had a heart attack, but was mostly ok. Since she was a thousand miles away he didn’t want to burden her with a flight out just to see him. They had performed surgery on him, but he was mostly ok, but still getting better from the operation.

After she was done reading the letter she wiped away the tears. She hadn’t seen him in well over a year. Her busy life and her work kept her away. After gathering herself up she started writing a letter.

Other participant’s writings:

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