My attitude towards food

One of the biggest hurdles that I think I have overcome in the last few weeks is changing my attitude towards food. Before, I never really thought a lot about what I was putting in my mouth. Even when I knew all of the things about paleo, what carbs and sugars do to your body, I didn’t’ really THINK about it when I was shoving all of that pizza down my pie hole.

Well, that’s changed. I now look at food and analyze it, usually putting into one of three categories: yes, rarely, no. The yes category is for anything that I perceive as health: vegetables, good proteins, no white flour, etc. The rarely category is for anything that I perceive as unhealthy, but I might wiggle on that line from time to time. Examples are: noodles, dark chocolate (really dark), teriyaki sauce, etc. The no category is where everything else falls, anything that I just flat out don’t want in my system. Examples are: bread, donuts, candy bars, etc.

For the things on the rare and no category, I don’t look at them as out of bounds. Instead, I look at them as stuff that my body doesn’t need. My want for them is an addiction, a chemical response telling me that I must have them. I don’t need that large pizza, my body just thinks that because it’s programmed to eat all of the available resources it can since it never knows where it’s coming from next. Since I usually know where my next meal is coming from, I don’t need to rely on that instinct.

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1 Response to My attitude towards food

  1. melissa says:

    I love your look on food. I frequently say no to doughnuts and things like that as long as it’s not in my house. My will power is crap at the moment and moderation isn’t really a word that works with me. The only thing I can do is just not have bad things in my house. My theory is it will work like fast food did…eventually I just stopped eating it and now I never crave it.

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