Physical Habits are a funny thing

I finally took the plunge and started drinking my coffee black. I had been working towards that goal for something like six months now. With switching to black coffee I have removed almost all added sugar in my diet. That’s a pretty big step.

The funny thing is that I’ve had to throw out a few cups of coffee at work because I subconsciously grabbed the creamer and sugar and started adding them to my coffee. I didn’t actively want those items, but my body was used to grabbing them. It was a physical habit that my body was used to, and I had changed my habit.

I now have to keep an eye on myself when I grab coffee at work, because I just may accidentally add sugar or creamer to my coffee that I didn’t intend to add. That’s not too big a deal though, because once I get my first gulp I’ll realize what I had done and toss it out.

For those that may be reading this, what physical habits have you changed that have given you troubles with your goals? How did you go about fixing them?

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2 Responses to Physical Habits are a funny thing

  1. Angie says:

    Sometimes I will walk into the kitchen and check the fridge without even being hungry. I don’t grab anything but the act of opening the fridge makes me forget what I wanted from the kitchen in the first place.

  2. thirster42 says:

    heh, yeah i still do that.

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