My First 5k experience

On Sunday, April 21st, I participated in my first 5k. This was a huge leap for me. The funny thing is, I did very little prep work to get into shape enough to complete the 5k. But complete it I did, and I even did it in less than an hour! My time was 57:40.2. That’s an average of 3.2 miles an hour.

The most amazing thing is that I never stopped. I slowed down, even walked backwards for about 20 seconds, but I never stopped moving. Well, except to grab the cup of water at the water station, but that’s hard to do while walking.

Anyway, I’m quite proud of myself for accomplishing this. One of my goals that I want to shoot for is to complete a Warrior Dash. I’m not even close to that, but at least I know I could walk the entire distance of it.

Me and Jen started the day with her working on her school work and me sleeping in until 10:30. I got up and made myself breakfast since she had already eaten. I then worked on putting together her new table while she worked on homework. Once she was done we got dressed and headed out. We stopped at Columbia College to offer a ride to any of the students. A student named Hammer rode with us. We got to the park and got our numbers, and then waited for the event to begin.

We started the race towards the back so we wouldn’t get trampled or impede any of the serious runners. I jokingly made the comment that I wanted to beat Jen’s boss, Brita. I kept up with her for a while, but towards the end she left me.

The first part of the race wasn’t too bad. We went down a decent hill and Jen and I decided to jog down it. After that the path was flat for a decent ways. During the flat patch I ended up leaving Jen behind. After the flat patch there was a long, shallow hill. That one was a lot of fun. On the other side on the way down I decided to jog, and I ended up passing Brita, but that didn’t last too long after I started walking again.

After a bit I came to the big downhill part, and was thankful because it allowed my body to offload some of the walking to different muscle structures. Jen ended up catching up with me because she jogged down the big hill. We walked around the lake together, and stayed walking together for most of the remainder of the 5k.

On the way back, we ended up in the back, and we wouldn’t see anyone for a long while. We finally got to a spot where we could see the group in front of us. After a while we finally made it back to the first hill that we went down. Dreading walking up the hill, I decided to run it to get it over with. I didn’t quite make it ALL the way to the top, but it was close enough. I crossed the finish line and was happy, and very, very tired. A bit after me Jennifer came jogging and I cheered her on as she finished the race. We walked together to the pavilion where the “Go For Greater” goal was. I immediately sat down because I was exhausted.

After rejuvenating a bit we walked back to the main pavilion where everyone else was and talked with everyone. They then had a raffle for some free stuff and I won! I now have $1,500 that I can spend on sun glasses and a CC coffee mug.

It was a great experience, and I look forward to trying to beat that time. My ultimate goal is to complete a Warrior Dash, but that probably won’t happen for a while.

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One Response to My First 5k experience

  1. I love your write up of the experience honey! It was a good day, and maybe after a while we can do another 5k. 😀

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