I love my thermos

A few weeks back I bought myself a thermos for the first time, ever. I bought a relatively nice one from Wal-Mart. The brand is Stanley. I love this thing because, if done right, it’ll keep my coffee steaming hot well over 4-5 hours.

The way to use a thermos properly is to preheat the inside before you pour the contents you want to keep hot into it. When I make my coffee in the morning I fill the thermos up with water to get the amount of coffee I want, and then fill the thermos up again with hot water while the coffee is being brewed. This preheats the inside of the thermos so that there isn’t any leaking of heat from my coffee into the walls of the thermos. This 10 seconds of prep helps ensure that my coffee stays nice and hot all morning.

Before the thermos, I was using a bubba that Jen’s uncle bought me for Christmas. I decided I didn’t care for it because it didn’t have a good seal on the lid and didn’t keep the coffee too warm, and it was too big for the cup holder in my car so I had to hold onto it on the drive to work. Not fun.

So if you like taking your coffee to work with you, I highly recommend purchasing a nice thermos, you won’t regret it.

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