June 3rd – July 14th Challenge Goals

The previous challenge was a bit of a wash, but I didn’t get my sleeping schedule mostly straightened out. Focusing on the new goals for this challenge.

I’ve got a lot of things to do, and that includes moving my body and getting ready for the big move in August. I’m going back to school full time in August and I need to get my stuff straightened out.

Diet: Eat at least three salads a week

My diet habits have been slipping a bit. I need to reinforce the good habits, so at least three salads a week shall be eaten.

Fitness: Move! 3x a week either Rebel Fitness Guide lvl 1 or an hour of bike riding.

I haven’t been getting the exercise I should be, so to mix things up I have the option of doing the lvl 1 workout or going for a bike ride.

Life: Do all of the things

My list of things to do is getting rather long. Write them all down and complete at least 3 a week.

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