Why I am going back to school

A few months back, my very lovely girlfriend convinced [or rather, tricked ;-)] me into going to Scholarship Day at Columbia College, and to attend I had to apply to the college and get accepted. This event snowballed into me registering for classes and basically making big life decisions that I had been avoiding for the better part of 3 years.

First and foremost, I want to say that I am very thankful for everything I have been provided thus far. I want to thank Linn State for the education I received. I want to thank those that helped me make it through college. I have to give great thanks to Ed Martin, he’s been a major influence in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may work for him, but as far as I am concerned he’s family.

I also want to thank ABC Labs for giving me the opportunity to work for them. I have learned so much from them, career-wise and personally. They gave me a place to grow, and without that I don’t know where I’d be. However, I believe that it’s past my time with the company. I’ve outgrown the opportunities they have for me, and I need to move on.

And that’s how we come back to me going to college. While I’m thankful for everything that I learned at Linn, I would say that my education in Computer Programming was rather incomplete. I got enough to get me along for a while, but if I want to further my career, I need to know more advanced stuff than what I was taught. I believe that Columbia College is the best choice in that regard. I know that almost every professor tries to up sale their department, but talking to Dr. Liow really gave me the information and confidence in the program that I needed.

My plan is to live on campus, at least the first year. Yes, that means moving, moving from a city that I’ve live in pretty much my whole life (St. Martins uses a JC mailing address, so it really doesn’t count). This terrifies me, but in the end this helps me not have to worry about having several different bills to pay while attending college, and worrying about gas to get to and from campus. It also allows me to be more active on campus than if I lived off-campus. I still have to pay some money out of pocket, but I believe that it’s doable.

The hardest part is that all of my friends will still be in Jeff, and I’m not exactly the best about reaching out and contacting my friends. I plan on doing my best to stay in contact with everyone, but I’m already failing at that while living in the same town.

Will the whole ordeal tough? Yes, of course. But what in life is worth doing that isn’t tough to some extent?

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1 Response to Why I am going back to school

  1. Great post sweetheart! I am really proud of you for making this decision, it is an investment in your future, and I think you will love living on campus and in Columbia after you get settled.

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