The wrong way to set up an email signature

There are correct ways, and incorrect ways, to set up an email signature. Here’s an example I just got in an email from a coworker:

Blah Blah Blah

Nickname of emailer, like we care

Name of emailer in some frilly font, larger than everything like they’re proud they can spell their name
Job title, usually in a new font and different size

Company logo
Company name, llc
Company street address
City, state, zip code

Phone: 555-867-5309
Fax: 555-867-5310

Email address as a hyperlink, yes seriously we’re too dumb to look in the From section of the email

Stupid environmental line about thinking before printing

Seriously, for an email with one actual line in the body, we’ve got 17 lines of bs, all of it redundant.

First, I don’t care about your nickname. Stop adding it to emails, no one cares. Second, unless you are emailing a client or someone outside your company, you don’t need to include the company’s logo and mailing address. Third, you just send me an email, from your email address, why are you including it in your signature? Do you think I’m slow? Forth, those environmental line some off as self-righteous. If I want to print something, I’m damn well going to print it.

If you contact clients and extra-company people on a regular basis, then create a separate signature that has the relevant company logo and such, and then in those special cases use that signature instead of the streamline inter-company signature.

Also, your signature should be the same font as your email default. Things get wonky when they aren’t. You don’t need any fancy colors, or fonts, or backgrounds, or anything else that’s annoying. Just add the basic information, and let that be it.

Oh, and heaven forbid if you have signatures set to automatically add every time you reply to an email…

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