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The wrong way to set up an email signature

There are correct ways, and incorrect ways, to set up an email signature. Here’s an example I just got in an email from a coworker: “ Blah Blah Blah Nickname of emailer, like we care Name of emailer in some … Continue reading

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Why I am going back to school

A few months back, my very lovely girlfriend convinced [or rather, tricked ;-)] me into going to Scholarship Day at Columbia College, and to attend I had to apply to the college and get accepted. This event snowballed into me … Continue reading

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Journalism… you’re doing it wrong

I’m starting to develop a pet peeve when it comes to reading articles online, specifically ones from major news outlets. That pet peeve is the sudden drop-off of an article. As of late, I’ll be chugging along in an article, … Continue reading

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