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June 3rd – July 14th Challenge Goals

The previous challenge was a bit of a wash, but I didn’t get my sleeping schedule mostly straightened out. Focusing on the new goals for this challenge. I’ve got a lot of things to do, and that includes moving my … Continue reading

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50 pound mark achieved

This morning I weighed in at 385.4 lbs. That means that I have lost a total of 50 pounds. I am quite happy with that, and looking forward to the next 50.

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Intermittant fasting with Bulletproof coffee

I started drinking Bulletproof coffee (coffee with saltless butter and coconut oil or MCT oil, out of curiosity. After reading this article ( it turns out that I’ve been unintentionally doing intermittent fasting. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is where you … Continue reading

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My First 5k experience

On Sunday, April 21st, I participated in my first 5k. This was a huge leap for me. The funny thing is, I did very little prep work to get into shape enough to complete the 5k. But complete it I … Continue reading

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I broke 400 pounds? I BROKE 400 POUNDS!

This morning was an interesting one. I accidentally overslept; I think I turned my alarm off in my sleep. As I was getting ready to leave I debated checking my weight this morning. I decided to go ahead and do … Continue reading

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I feel lucky, and thank you

Lately I have been rather boisterous of the changes that I’m making in myself, and I have received quite a bit of encouragement from everyone around me. It makes me feel lucky, because I’ve read quite a few stories about … Continue reading

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Work challenge wrap up, next challenge goals

Work challenge wrap up At work we had a “Survival of the fittest” competition that ran from February 11th to April 8th. The goal was to lose the most weight, comparing weight lost by percent body weight lost. I started … Continue reading

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